Making a Will is not Complicated... 
Making a will is easy 
In most cases this is not a complicated process but a Will is a legal document, which needs to be drawn up correctly. You’ll find it surprisingly inexpensive and it doesn’t take very long to do either.  
You may think that you need to employ a solicitor or bank to draft you Will, but be aware that Will writing is only a small part of their business. In addition, the charges you may incur following a death could be high. It is also unusual for banks and solicitors to offer their services out of working hours, or in your own home.  
You can overcome these problems by using Will Writing and Probate Services Ltd. We specialise in Wills and Probate, whatever your circumstances we can help you avoid any potential pitfalls. Our clients also benefit from discounts on our probate services, removing the worry from surviving family members at a distressing time in their lives.  
People write a Will for many reasons, please read this list and make a note of any that may be appropriate for you.  
To have peace of mind knowing that your wishes are known and will be carried out 
To appoint guardians to look after young children 
To ensure your children, stepchildren and grandchildren inherit 
To leave a gift, family heirloom or memento to family members 
To reduce or even eliminate Inheritance Tax 
To stop your home being sold to pay for Nursing Home Fees 
To ensure a disabled child or family member receives an income from your estate without it being used to pay for their care fees 
To give a partner, parent or child that lives in your property the right to continue living there after your death 
To give a partner, parent or child that lives in your property the right to continue living there after your death 
To ensure your business passes to the people you choose 
To make your funeral requests known 
To ensure pets are looked after and re-homed as you would wish 
To donate a legacy to your favourite charity 
To ensure your common law partner inherits your estate (or you inherit theirs) 
To appoint people to deal with your estate (your Executors) reducing the risk of family arguments 
To make the process of applying for probate easier for your next of kin 
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